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A complex system of "intercalculating" was employed to decide on meeting times between citizens of different states and to make arrangements for the pick-up and delivery of goods.

[Source: "The Discoverers" by Daniel Boorstin,∞] The term the “dog days” of summer dates back to Roman times when it was observed that during the hottest days of summer the bright star Sirius rose and fell in the constellation Canis Major (the Big Dog).

Like their Athenian counterpart, the Roman waterclock was a bowl with a hole near the bottom that measured about 20 minutes.

These devised were used in courts and government legal proceedings to limit the speaking time of lawyers, officials and orators.

Romans initially counted days and the equivalent of weeks and months with Kalends, Nones and Ides.

The Romans developed the idea of the week and gave names to the months. third century Romans divided the day into only two parts: before midday P. Someone was in charge of noticing when the sun crossed the meridiem since lawyers were supposed to appear before noon.

They had an eight-day week which they later changed to seven. Later the day was dived into parts: early morning, forenoon, afternoon, and evening and eventually followed a sundial that marked "temporary" hours.

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Longwinded speakers in the Senate were chided that "their water should be taken away" By the time water clocks were perfected in Europe they were soon replaced by swinging pendulum and spring activated clocks. the second Roman king, Numa Pompilius, added two months, January and February, and they became the beginning of the year. A century later a 13th month was added that yielded a year with 366¼ days.A lunar calendar thus loses time against the actual seasons at a pace of about 11 days each year.To correct this discrepancy, most lunar calendars incorporate a system for inserting extra months, called leap or intercalary months, at fixed intervals.The calendar we follow today is virtually the same as the Gregorian calendar except from time to time top international time keeping bodies add a leap second to ensure that the time kept on earth is aligned with cosmos.

["The Discoveres" by Daniel Boorstien] As a statement against the power of the Roman church some groups refused to go along with the Gregorian calendar.

The Gregory calendar also started the year on January 1st.

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